Here is my prediction for the US election.


Trump wins.

The US economy crashes.

Within a matter of days there are riots and civil unrest on the streets.

The police become increasingly more militarised.

The people exercise their 2nd Amendment right, and take up arms against the government.

The police get given tanks.

In a panic President The Donald unleashes the zombie virus, (you know the stuff that the US has been developing as a weapon, but have not used yet as they haven’t been able to make a strain that only affects poor people).

Due to fear of contracting the zombie virus all sports events are called off, and X Factor and Americas Got Talent is cancelled.

This causes even bigger riots on the streets.

The zombie virus mutates, becomes airbourne, and infects every inhabited part of the globe.

President The Donald panics and launches a nuclear blanket bombing campaign.

(rumours that after he launched the weapons of mass destruction he smirked and said ‘You’re fired” are strongly denied by the a Whitehouse spokesperson).

President Putin retaliates by launching a nuclear attack.

Kim Jong-Un retaliates by launching a nuclear attack.

The British Government sets up a focus group to come up with a plan of action.

The highest ranking officers in the British military gather and spend 24 hours in a top secret bunker deciding on a code name for the operation that they will launch just as soon as they have a really good code name for it.

The human race becomes extinct.

Planet earth is reduced to a post apocalyptic wasteland.

Jesus keeps his prearranged appointment and returns for his come back tour only to find that his flock is dead, and his father’s work is all ruined, with nothing remaining of the human race except for Trump’s wig blowing in the toxic wind.


Of course it is exactly the same outcome if Hilary Clinton wins, it just happens faster and in a more organised way.




This tune seems appropriate for the days ahead.

Good luck now.



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