Have you ever noticed that there are no intelligent religious people?

If you are the sort of person who likes to have a knee jerk reaction please leave now and go straight to the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Do it quickly now before your brain kicks in and you start accidentally thinking.

Back to my original statement;


There exists a sort of sliding scale of intelligence where the more religious a person is, the less intelligent they are.

It is almost in direct proportion.

Very religious = very stupid.


A person can be a little bit religious, and a little bit intelligent.

But no one is very religious and very intelligent at the same time.

This is easiest to spot in religious extremists.

There are no intelligent religious extremists, only stupid ones.

For example suicide bombers are never the brightest sparks, well maybe they are for a split second as they blast off to heaven to get their reward.

suicide bomber

(BTW We should be thankful that often anyone willing to kill in the name of religion is also ready to die for it.The sooner that DNA is removed from our collective gene pool the quicker we can all evolve into intelligent, peaceful atheists).

Of course there are religious people who appear to be intelligent.

Do not be fooled by this illusion.

They are either religious or intelligent, they can not be both.

In reality they are often not actually religious people, in reality they are intelligent people trying to appear religious.

Now why would an intelligent person want to appear religious?

I’ll tell you why.

They are hiding out in plain sight, pretending to be religious people while they carry out their evil ways.

People like Tony Blair,

Killer Blair

or the Pope.pope4

Both clearly intelligent people, both clearly evil people, and both pretending to be religious in order to get away with their evil deeds.

It is of course very common to find evil people hiding behind a smokescreen of religion.

For further proof please Google “paedophile priests”

Pedo priest

Another category of person who seems to be attracted to religion are the mentally ill, and these poor people need our help and support whenever possible.

Unfortunately it is not always easy to distinguish between the genuinely mentally ill and the religiously deluded, as often they all hear voices, or in the case of the religious they follow the guidance of the priest who hears the voices for them.

So in conclusion, if a person is very religious they fall into one of these categories:



Mentally ill.

Or they might just be a child who has not reached the age of reason yet, in which case we need to educate them, and protect them, and keep them away from the stupid people, and the evil people.

and Tony Blair.

Definitely keep your children away from Tony Blair.


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