This week sees the continuation of the Lord Rennard debacle.


Now I’m not going to discuss the sexual harassment case as we don’t really have all the facts yet.

The thing that is clear is the Lib Dems do seem to be very talented at shooting themselves in the foot.

Doing this very dirty washing in public, the party ripping itself apart, and not to forget the total disgrace of their other public humiliation… Nick Clegg.

clegg two

An interesting thing about this story is that I instantly thought that Lord Rennard must be guilty.

Not because he looks like the sort of bloke who might be a bit touchy, but because he is a Lord.

I had an instant mistrust of him based solely on the fact that he holds the title of Lord.

My experience of life so far has taught me that anyone with the word Lord before their name is always dodgy.

Lord, Baroness, Sir, The Right Honourable Gentleman, always dodgy.

House of Lords

I’ve seen and heard of people getting robbed in the street by “hoodies”, but in order to get away with robbing the whole street, or indeed the whole country, you really need a title before your name.

Just think about people you know in real life, anyone who is genuinely a decent person doesn’t need a title to tell people how good they are.

Normal people get judged by their actions, not their titles.

But the really big criminals are hiding in plain sight, even flaunting themselves in their ermine edged robes.


The titles are a smokescreen.

If you are a criminal who is really good at it, eventually you graduate to being a businessman.

If you are good at that, and grease the right palms, eventually you become a Lord.

The title is like your officially endorsed Big Criminal Licence.

jail free

Basically becoming a Lord is your reward for being a really good criminal.

The great American comedian George Carlin referred to them as “business criminals”.

I prefer the term “business cunts”.

Now I can hear some of you shouting about all the worthy recipients of honours; Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Sir David Attenborourgh.

The great and the good.

Pretty much liked by everyone, not a bad word to be said about any of them.

But in reality they are really just there as human shields for the scoundrels to hide behind.


Because the general public (rightly) love David Attenborough, and can clearly see how deserving he is of a gong, we then assume that all the recipients must be just as worthy.

The decent people who accept these awards are allowing themselves to be used by the immoral and unethical to create a smokescreen for them to hide behind.

This allows them to continue on in their unacceptable activities, wearing their badge of respectability.

Really those decent and deserving people who accept titles are actually aiding and abetting the criminal activity of the business cunts.

They are business cunt facilitators.

Because without the support, or in most cases indifference of the public, these corrupt institutions could not continue.

But the herd does not like to make a fuss.

The herd does the bidding of their betters.

If people stopped and looked for even a moment it would be clear to them that our “betters” are amongst the worst people in society.

We are being governed by the least of us, rather than the best.


Now not all of the House of Lords have become titled through dodgy activity, some have inherited their title.

The Hereditary peers.

These people are allowed to make decisions that affect all of us in the country, based not on any of their own actions, but because they happened to be born to a Peer.

We are being ruled over by the children of business cunts.

But the general public would generally prefer to ignore the evidence of their own experience.

People would rather believe the propaganda that they are fed, because to realise the truth is just too terrifying, just too horrible to contemplate.

It can’t be true can it?

It just can’t be true that the very people we trust to look after us are really the bogymen, coming to rob and rape us!

It’s like when people don’t want to think that their parents ever had a sex life, it’s more comfortable to remain in your childlike state of innocence.

And why not?

Childhood was happy, someone was looking after you, no need to worry.

Well the uncomfortable truth is your parents were fucking like rabbits.

All that dirty sex that you have ever had, or ever heard of, your mum and dad were doing it all.

They were doing all that dirty sex while you slept innocently in your childhood bed.

Just like now.

The Right Honourable Gentlemen are fucking the country, while you sleep in your comfortable bed of indifference.

It’s ok, everything is ok.

The government are looking after us.

Mummy, and Daddy, and Sir Bradley Wiggins will keep us safe.






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