What Do You Do?

We are going to have a revolution!!!


Hang on a minute, false alarm we’re not.

It’s just another comedian talking politics again.

This time the call to revolt came from millionaire comedian/actor Russell Brand.

Now I know that it’s not his fault that he is rich and famous, but I do find it off putting when someone in his position starts talking politics as if he is still one of us.

Russell Brand does not even live in the same world as us.



Perhaps I have misjudged him; perhaps he will use his fame, and the platform that it allows him, to actually influence people into action.

Perhaps he will use his millions to provide us all with AK 47s to overthrow the government.

Umer Abbas

If he does I’ll happily add my voice to any suggestions that post revolution we rename a street after him.

Revolutionary Russell Boulevard.

I’ll even wear a T-shirt with his face on it.

(This bit is easy as they are already on sale, you can’t have a revolution without a t shirt).

Come on Russell how would you rather be remembered;

As a rich celebrity who did a lot of shagging, or as a hero of the revolution?

(Btw we might need some hand grenades as well).



But even if it is just a comedian trying to drum up some interest and sell tickets for his tour, (Russell Brand is currently on tour), at least it has got people talking about some of the real world issues that affect us all.

I was interested to see Russell on Newsnight recently saying that he didn’t vote out of principle.

I know lots of people who don’t vote, and almost all of them think it’s a political action.

A refusal to engage with a system that has alienated them.

A boycott of the voting process.

Fair enough but not voting is not enough.


Simply not voting is not enough.

By just not turning up to vote, your voice is not being heard at all.

No one counts your opinion; therefore your opinion doesn’t count.

You cannot be distinguished from the people who are just too lazy or too stupid to be bothered.

(I don’t think Russell Brand was aligning himself with the stupid, that doesn’t really seem to be his style).


Now I can see the argument that if you don’t agree with the voting system, why should you engage in it?

Again fair enough, but again I ask;:


Bitching about it down the pub is not enough.

Tweeting is not enough.

Doing nothing is not enough.

You have to do something.

Well actually you don’t, you can just do nothing at all.

You can just join the ranks of the thousands of people who can’t be bothered to take an interest in how their own lives are affected by the decisions of others.

The thousands of people who don’t care enough about their children to even be concerned about their future:

“I love my kids but I will just let someone else decide what their lives are going to be like because I can’t be bothered to think about it”

So feel free to do whatever you want to, but if not voting is all you do, please don’t try to pretend to me that it is some sort of political action.

It is my long held belief that the most basic responsibility of being a good citizen of the country is to vote, and to pay your tax.

Vote and pay your tax, as easy as that.

Good-Citizen-PinWhatever else you do is up to you, but to be a member of society you need to contribute by deciding who runs the country,  and by paying your way.

This is the easiest way for you to take part.

If you choose not to vote then you need to do something else…

This is much more difficult!

Many people who do not vote think that they are fighting against the system.

The exact opposite is true; by not voting you are allowing the system you claim to despise to continue unchallenged.

By not voting you are allowing the cunts to take control.



Disenfranchised and apathetic non-voters are exactly what the Power Elite want.

It lessens the number of people that they have to appeal to.

You can bet that people from the world of big business are ALL voting.

The rich shareholders are ALL voting.

The CEOs of massive corporations are ALL voting.

That’s because they want to have a government that runs the country in a way the benefits them.

Does it come as any surprise that the very sections of society with the lowest percentage of voters are also the very people that the current system fucks over the most?

David Cameron doesn’t want the unemployed voting because they won’t vote for his agenda.

George Osborne doesn’t want the working poor voting because they won’t vote for his agenda.

To misquote Abraham Lincoln:

You can please some of the people all of the time…

… and as long as they are the voters you are laughing all the way to the bank.

When we see how unjustly many of the least well off in this country are treated; the working poor, the elderly, the disabled, while the government pampers to the wishes of the rich.

Clearly this needs to be changed.

Now here is a simple solution to this problem.


No really!

A simple solution.

A solution so simple it could happen with just a quick email to the printers.


You could simply state that you don’t want to vote for any of the parties or candidates on offer.

You could express your disenchantment with the system in a way that would actually be registered.


When the votes are counted I bet that in many areas NONE OF THE ABOVE would win, or at the very least get a major share of the votes.

Then the people that the current system is not working for could see that they are not in a minority.

They are not voiceless and forgotten.

They are more powerful than they ever imagined!

Imagine a country where no one was left out, the poor were not repeatedly fucked over, a country where the government actually worked for everyone.

Ok so it’s not actually the solution, but it could be the start of the solution.

And even if it doesn’t work, even if somehow the cunts still manage to rig it so that they rise to the top again, at least we made it slightly more difficult for them.

At least we didn’t just lie back and take it.

We might fail but at least we will have scratched, and kicked back, and screamed when they were raping us.

The government do not care about you, or your children, or almost everyone that you know.

At least try to make them accountable.








  1. Gerry Carnelly

    You’re just getting political so you can be a millionaire comedian who shags a lot.

  2. frances boyle

    I agree with EVERYTHING you say except….
    the word cunt to describe ‘them’
    why does a part of my body and every woman’s body have to be used as the best insult to describe these despised people? I find it demeaning and offensive. Just saying

    • Martin Mor - Thoughts and jokes.

      I don’t use that word to describe a part of a woman’s body.
      Considering that the word cunt is now in common usage to describe cunts, perhaps everybody should be encouraged to lose any connection with vaginas.

      (For the record I consider vaginas to generally be good things, except when they are wrongly used for the purposes of childbirth.
      Thats just not fucking natural).

  3. rosie3658

    Reblogged this on 2staffyrescues and commented:
    This is vitally important to every country where the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Let’s try to get a government that really gives a crap about the poor, not the rich, where all society counts, not just the elite.
    VOTE! Use the only power left to us…

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