Today at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, George/Gideon Osborne stood up to make his speech.

One of his ideas was to get the long term unemployed to “Work For The Dole”.

He spoke out against people getting something for nothing, which seems a bit much coming from a man who inherited the family fortune.

wave George-Osborne-006

Now I’m not comfortable with this Work For The Dole idea, perhaps if it was Training On The Dole where people could go and learn skills that would lead them towards actual employment, but WFTD seems too open to misuse.

I wonder which of the big businesses, (that our Governments strive so hard to appease); will be getting some nice new slaves to work for them.

With the bill footed by us the taxpayer.

Not paying their fair share of tax and now getting people to work for them for free, we seem to have allowed a new class of Overlords to take control.

All of the government’s plans seem to favour the rich:

The Right To Buy; how long before all of these properties end up in the hands of rich landlords?

Most of the country’s affordable housing ultimately finishes up as good investments for the wealthy, rather than being owned by the people who actually live there.

Osborne was speaking about a culture of ‘something for nothing”

George Osborne announcing welfare reforms

Something for nothing.

The government always makes a big deal about the amount of housing benefit paid to the people on benefits.

But the Benefits claimants don’t see a penny of that money; it all goes to the landlords.

These people are not living in mansions; they live in normal houses, in normal areas.

The housing benefit bill is high because the rents are extortionately high.

Here comes a real shocker!!!

The rents are high because the rich are greedy.


And who was it that sold off all of our affordable council housing?

Her legacy lives on.

Margaret Thatcher, prime minister 1979-90

Something for nothing;

In this country we have the outrageous situation where we have the Working Poor.

Firstly if you are working then you should not be poor.

If you have a job then it should pay a living wage so that you can afford to support yourself and your working family without the need for benefits.

And who is actually doing really well out of this situation?

The big businesses that can only get away with paying disgustingly low wages because they are topped up with benefits.

Really instead of thinking that the benefits are going to the working poor, the truth is that they are going to the rich business owners and their rich shareholders.

(Even more disturbing when you think that many shareholders only have shares because it makes them more money than their bank accounts, workers are struggling to survive while the profits are skimmed off to bolster someone’s savings).

Our tax is being used to subsidise the profits of the already rich.


So we have workers trapped on benefits because employers are allowed to pay immorally low wages.

We will have people on the dole working for free, while the employers get workers who they don’t have to pay.

I think its clear to see who this system is really designed to help!

Something for nothing,

Who exactly are these people getting something for nothing?

Just take a look around you, it’s the rich and privileged.

I expect that Osborne doesn’t even think of himself as privileged, I expect that he thinks of himself as a hard working parent from a hard working family, (to use some of their own bullshit).

Now I’m sure that he does work hard, but that is his choice.

He doesn’t have to.

If he doesn’t do another days work in his life, he will be ok, his family will all be ok.

Contrast that with people holding down two jobs who can’t afford to take a day off sick.

It’s almost like politics has become a hobby for the rich to indulge in.

It’s a game for them to play, and a game that they wont ever lose because they are already extremely wealthy.

How can people from this background ever be expected to understand the lives of the average citizen, let alone the lives of the British underclass?

Osborne thought that he was roughing it when he tweeted a photo of himself working late at night and dining on burger and chips.

bur osborne

A burger that cost £10.

For many people in the country a £10 burger is a luxury that they can only dream of in the queue for the Food Bank.

In fact for many people these days, a regular McBurger is a luxury they can only dream of.

This simply illustrates the problem with our rulers; they live in a different world than we do.

How can they be expected to make decisions that help anyone but the rich?

They do not care about the herd other than to use and exploit them for their own ends.

It’s really not their fault that they were born into a rich family, and went to the best schools, and had great business contacts from before they were weaned off nanny’s milk.

Forgive them for they do not know what they do.

Or perhaps they do know and just don’t give a fuck!

But when they make decisions that affect us all, they need to look down and smell the No Frills instant coffee.

They need to understand how the herd really lives.

Osborne probably doesn’t even think of himself as privileged, after all in The Bullingdon Club he was know as “Oik” because he only went to the second best school in the country.


He has friends who are much better off than him.

This idea was illustrated recently by my good friend the comedian Robin Ince.

Robin readily accepts that he comes from a privileged background (see blog here;

Now Robin is a left leaning, socially aware person.

I would describe him as a thoroughly decent human being.

But even he recently tweeted a Follow Friday Tweet for comedians who had;

“made it in comedy without Privilege”.

On Robin’s list were Josie Long and Al Murray both of who went to Oxford University.

Now I can vouch for the fact the Robin is an intelligent and well-informed man, but in his world, with his background, going to Oxford University does not count as a privilege!

For people from a privileged background everyone goes to university.

For some people every one of their friends went to Oxbridge.

There are so many really intelligent working class people growing up on housing estates throughout the country who will never get the chance to go to university, for whom university would be considered an extreme privilege.

My point being that if even an aware person like Robin can overlook the influence of where you are born, what is it going to be like for Osborne, who grew up surrounded by the children of the rich, who now spends his life surrounded by millionaires?

Perhaps I can illustrate this better?

A few years ago I flew to South Africa for the Capetown Comedy Festival.

As the plane approached the airport it flew over a massive shantytown.

The people there were living in really rough conditions; tin huts, dirt roads, bad sanitation.

shanty 240211-DSC03297

Now everyone on the flight had been forewarned about this disturbing sight by the inflight magazine, which had a section asking us not to judge the country on first impressions, but rather to wait until we got into the city and saw all the great shops, restaurants, and hotels before making our judgment.

Aerial View Sea Point

I think my first impression was correct, that a lot of people in South Africa seemed to be having very hard lives, while a few lucky people were doing very well indeed.

While here in the UK we don’t have people living in shanty towns (yet), Osborne and his ilk would have you ignoring the poorest amongst us, and celebrating how well the rich elite are doing.

I think it is better to judge a country by how its poorest are treated.

Rather than something for nothing, how about something for everyone?






  1. Small Shoes

    The only way things will ever change is to speak in a language which they understand – violence.
    No true change has ever come about without armed struggle and if enough people decided to throw a stone rather than hold a placard that someone had made for them, then maybe the overlords would listen.
    Mass civil disobedience is still what the corporate/political class fear most as its the only truly effective way the people have of evoking change. Maybe it’s time we reminded ourselves of that and took meaningful action.

  2. zzelladonatella

    Thanks for this; it’s the best comeback to WFTD I’ve heard!
    Perhaps, Georgie, if you had suggested people work for non-profits, charities or government in return for pay it could have been a good idea, a great one even. But no, we wouldn’t want these kinds of organisations to get something for nothing – that would be ridiculous!

  3. Robb Lewis

    “I wonder which of the big businesses, (that our Governments strive so hard to appease); will be getting some nice new slaves to work for them”

    I think this might give you some idea of how this works for the businesses in question.

    Up until a year ago I worked at McDonald’s as a staff trainer. Jobseekers were given a three week “trial”, 40 hours a week and in exchange they would receive their jobseekers allowance. The business manager received somewhere in the region of £500 “compensation” from the Job Centre (or some other government agency) to let these people have a trial. Most of them did not get a job at the end of it, they were simply told they weren’t good enough (which wasn’t always the case but it was easier than training them more). Eventually the business manager decided to stop offering these trials because it was “hassle”.

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