There was lots of excitement at the weekend when Andy Murray won Wimbledon.

How great to see a working class Scottish lad succeeding at the highest levels of his chosen sport.

Slightly strange that the sport was tennis, but I suppose it takes all sorts.


Murray’s is such a great story having survived the tragedy of the Dunblane shootings, and gone on to make it to the top in his field.

It’s like a fairytale.

In fact the scripts are already in development for a Hollywood movie of his life with Mel Gibson expected to take the lead role as Murray, Gwyneth Paltrow playing his Mother, and Sean Connery playing Ivan Lendl the hardened old Czechoslovakian coach who leads him to victory.


 Mel Gibson practicing his serve.

The working title is Brave Ace. A good day to serve hard.

A strange thing also happened with a lot of the media celebrating that he was the first brit to win Wimbledon for 77 years.

Totally amazing!

If only it was true.


Virginia Wade won Wimbledon in 1977, but it seems that women don’t count.

Scotland and UK flags

There has been quite a lot of fuss about Murray being claimed as British by some English tennis fans.

Murray used to publicly identify himself as Scottish but now he seems to be firmly onboard with being British.

I expect that his agent might have persuaded him towards this change with the use of a calculator.

It is simple economics, the bigger the fan base the bigger the paydays.

You can’t really blame him, sport like most other activities has been turned in a business and brand British Murray is very sellable…as long as he can keep winning.

I really enjoyed watching the game on Sunday, mainly as I was live tweeting loads of sarcastic comments on Twitter.


It was interesting on the social networks to see so many people claiming to be “proud” of Andy Murray.

Now I expect that I am as pleased as the next casual observer that he won, but being “proud” seems to be using the wrong word.

The Oxford dictionary says;

Definition of proud


  • 1      feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated: a proud grandma of three boys
she got nine passes and he was so proud of her.

So by that definition Andy Murray can feel proud of himself.

Anyone close to him can feel proud of their relative, friend, and of their own efforts to help him.

But as most of these proud Murray fans have absolutely nothing to do with him I don’t think they can call themselves proud.

You cannot be proud of another person’s achievements.

Achievements that you had absolutely no hand in.

Perhaps a football fan who contributes to their teams success by attending games, buying merchandise, and showing their support can be allowed some degree of pride in their team.

But most of these proud tennis fans just watched it at home…

This claiming pride in another’s achievements merely because you like them, because they come from your country or the country next door to your country, is an attempt by a certain type of person to bask in another’s glory.

Rather than actually achieving anything themselves, they are happy to try to elevate their own status by piggybacking on the success of another.

Its the sports fans equivalent of photo bombing.


“ I’m so proud of Andy Murray”

YOU had nothing whatsoever to do with his success you don’t get to be proud.

You can be;




Thrilled to bits,


Well pleased,


Made up,

Over the moon,

Cock a hoop.


But instead you are being; Attention seeking and narcissistic.

For many people it’s National Pride,

“I’m so proud that a fellow brit has done well”

YOU had nothing to do with it!

You just happen to have been born here as well.

National pride always seems to be a way for the people in power to control the working classes.

Flags two

A little bit of propaganda to distract you from how fucked up the country is.

So what if you have lost your job, and we are syphoning your taxes off into our offshore accounts.

LOOK a person who was born somewhere near where you were born is not fucked like you, LOOK he has won something shiny, and you should celebrate.

Ok if that is actually enough for you, if being from the same country is enough for you to feel pride in another person’s success, then you also have to take some responsibility for the bad things that happen.

Poor Gazza struggling with drink and violence should make you ashamed to be English.

How many people upon hearing about Stuart Hall’s recent conviction for kiddie fiddling came out and said; ”I’m ashamed to be English”


No one did because it was nothing to do with you.

Just as Andy Murray’s grit and determination, and natural talent has nothing to do with you.


You have been caught trying to steal the limelight, and I hope you are proud of yourself.




 By the way, this is my favourite piece of photobombing.






  1. stuwho

    I’ve always been a fan of Nadal and Federer, and more recently of Djokovic … mostly because I like their style of play .. I found Murray boring, temperemental in a childish way, and the fact that he was Scottish seemed irrelevant … as you can imagine, this caused argument from other Scots

    I like to watch the best … Murray is now amongst the best and far more fun to watch … supporting any sport, band, or artist, because of their postcode has always baffled the fukk outta me, and those who claim some responsibility for the success as they supported that team or player is just daft!!

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