Well that’s been a funny old week.

Highly amusing and fucking frustrating in equal measures.

The Government ignored any pretence of democracy by doing exactly whatever they wanted without even considering the views of the public.

Any dissent, even if from our elected members of parliament was not to be tolerated.

Even Big Ben will be silenced.

Big Ben

What is the point of debate if MPs are encouraged/bullied to only pay tributes and not speak ill of the dead.

When did that become the case?

Just because you die it doesn’t mean the slate is wiped clean.

Unlike with Police Commissioners who can retire and get away scot free, surely Prime Ministers must remain accountable for their deeds.

Well done Glenda Jackson, George Galloway, and Dennis Skinner for remaining true to the principles that they were elected for, unlike many groveling on the Labour Benches.

The BBC showed their true colours by censoring license fee payers right to choose which songs appeared in the pop charts.

Just like with the naming of the Blue Peter cat, we can have total free choice, as long as it is a name they approve of. (Google “Blue Peter Cat naming scandal” for full story).


As an Anti Thatcher protest people were encouraged to download the song “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” from the movie sound track of The Wizard of Oz.


Thatcher supporters then organised a campaign to download the song “I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher” by the Notsensibles.

(I do find it funny that the Thatcherites are aligning themselves with The Notsensibles).

NOT sensibles

This is where it gets interesting;

“Ding Dong The Witch is Dead” was censored, only a few seconds were aired, but the Notsensibles song was played in full.

“Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” got downloaded 52,000 times.

“I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher” was downloaded only 8,768 times.

(I think this reflects the fact that Thatcher’s opponents are looking for any way to voice their protest, but Thatcherites know they don’t really have to, privilege and the Establishment will ensure that they always get their way).

Two sides of the same story, two political agendas so why did the “impartial’ BBC censored one and play the other in full?

Which raises the question;

Exactly whose tune is the BBC dancing to?



Tony and Cherie Blair dancing at the 1996 Labour conference.

(Only one of these photographs is real).

This is not the first time the BBC has forced its views and agendas on the public.

But just like when Gerry Adams’ speeches had to be voiced by an actor, you can stop broadcasting what is being said, but you can’t stop it being said.

It is our right to peaceful protest, and how much more peaceful a protest could you get than downloading a song from the Wizard of Oz?

Unless you have been blasting it out full volume, it is so peaceful that no one even knows that you are protesting.

For a mere 79 pence you can voice your opinion peacefully, and be dismissed as a mischievous fool by those in power.

Perhaps I have misunderstood the whole idea?

Perhaps you are supposed to download the song, burn it onto a disc and chuck the discs at the passing coffin like Ninja Throwing Stars.


Extra points if you can get one to stick.

Double extra points if you can hit Tony Blair.

I would suggest that perhaps Thatcher’s ghost might rise from the coffin and possess the body of Tony Blair, but we all know that this has already happened.

Thatcher’s malignant spirit has been wearing Blair as a skin suit for years now.


During the “Not a State Funeral” state funeral, the coffin will be carried by members of the armed forces.

It would be more appropriate if it was dragged along by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or the Coalition, as they like to be known.

Actually the biblical four horsemen would be ideal for it, as they sum up her contribution perfectly:


War, Famine, Death, and Pestilence,

WAR; Using the Falklands conflict to further her own political ambitions.

FAMINE; Trying to starve the Yorkshire Miners into submission.

DEATH; Killing off British Industry.

PESTILENCE; This is of course William Hague.


A very diplomatic description of Thatcher, that has been popular with reporters trying to keep their jobs, has been: “She divided the nation”

She certainly did.

I would go as far as to say Thatcher was worse than all the famous paedophiles from the 1980s.

At least if you were abused by a paedophile, some therapy might help.

Children from the Thatcher reign will have calcium deficiency problems for the rest of their lives.



But I think I can sum it up in a nutshell:



She made some people a bit better off.

She made lots of rich people even richer.

But she totally destroyed the lives of huge sections of the population.

Under Thatcher recorded crime almost doubled.

To be fair, the divorce rate did come down slightly, probably because people realised that compared to Thatcher their spouse wasn’t all that bad.

dennis 1

Dennis 2

Dennis 4

We don’t even know exactly how much we are paying for this funeral, but a figure of 8 million has been quoted.

Surely Mrs. Thatcher would have wanted us to respect her principles of every one paying their own way without support from the state.

The policing bill alone will be huge.


The police have issued a statement saying, “Anyone turning their back on the funeral is UNLIKELY TO BE ARRESTED

I should fucking think so too.

Anyone not down upon bended knee before the effigy of the sacred cow will be thrown to the lions.


If there is any trouble involving the protesters at the funeral, I hope the police remember who they are supposed to be working for.

They are supposed to be protecting members of the public, and not to be a private army for the rich.

The people in power are really letting us see behind the mask, with any dissent, even from Elected members of Parliament like George Galloway, being dismissed as silly, and trouble making.

Look at these people and see how the establishment views you, they are the Overlords and we are the Serfs who should be grateful for any small mercies they chose to bestow upon us.


The Power Elite think that we are just there to serve their needs.

But one day I hope the Serfs realise that there are more of us than there are of them.

Anyway we should enjoy this brief period of the country being interested in politics.

Next week it will be back to Jeremy Kyle, X Factor and Dancing Dogs.

At least we have finally gotten rid of Maggie…

Or have we?






  1. Joe

    Didn’t realise the Bullingdon boys were in a band, other 2 photos obviously shopped, so cruel to do that to Cherie

  2. johnscottcomedyJohn Scott


    (Sung to the tune of By By Blackbird)

    Cut back all our care and dole
    So much woe
    No tears to show
    By By Thatcher
    When nobody weeps for thee
    On the street protesters meet
    By by Thatcher

    You should us no love or understanding
    So Satan’s mark upon your arse is branded
    Get out of bed, fight and strike
    Go rioting ‘till late at night
    Thatcher By by

  3. Loopzilla

    I’m glad I found this blog. Over the last week I thought I’d slipped into an alternate universe where Maggie had skipped through the country throwing toys and chocolates to needy children, and left bags of money on miners and steelworkers doorsteps. I have been told to “get over it” by a few people this week, but I was “over it” until the circus came to town and raked up all the horrific memories. We’re not even allowed to talk about our sadness and anger that has been resurrected without being called “lefties” or “liers”. The most accurate statement I heard this week was a lady from Sunderland who had a rough childhood due to Mrs T, she said “I was an adult before I realised that she didn’t hate me. I was just insignificant to her.”

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