Thatch flowers

They say that everyone remembers where they were the day John F. Kennedy died.

For my generation we will always remember where we were the day Thatcher died…I was dancing around my front room tweeting The Witch is Dead jokes.

All around the country people took to the streets to celebrate.

Some of these celebrations turned nasty, and people clashed with police in riot gear.

It’s what she would have wanted.


She must have died happy in the knowledge that her lifes work continues on, first with Tony Blair, and now the evil efforts of the Con Dems.

Thatcher could not totally destroy the Labour party but Tony almost did.

Thatcher took the milk from the mouths of babes, think how pleased she must have been to see benefits being taken off the disabled.


I do think that she will have the last laugh, as her funeral is going to cost us 8 million pounds!

If we could have paid that in the 1980s we would have thought it was a bargain.


The right wing seems to be very smug as they rewrite history in an effort to get her a sainthood.

I’m really shocked all the Working class Thatcher apologists.

At least the rich benefitted from Thatcher’s policies as she encouraged them to gorge themselves at the trough.

But these working class Thatcherites gained nothing from their fawning devotion.

They are like those people who work for Vampires; The Familiars.

They do all the Vampire’s dirty work, they even let the Bloodsuckers feed off them.

All in the hope that one day they will be rewarded and invited to join the orgy.

That one day they will be made into Vampires themselves.

Little do they know that the Vampires despise them and regard them as less than cattle.

Just like Vampires, the Thatcherites see the working class as nothing but fodder.

Fodder to feed their tax free off shore bank accounts.


The BBC’s coverage has been worse than North Korea in its pro Thatcher propaganda, programming hours of News time to licking her cold dead arse.

One of the angles that they have come up with is to promote Maggie as some sort of icon for women!

Thatcher was never pro women’s liberation (as it was known back then).

In fact she said:

I owe nothing to women’s lib. The feminists hate me, don’t they? And I don’t blame them. For I hate feminism. It is poison”

As Shirley Williams recalled:

It is worth noting that she never promoted any other woman to be a member except Baroness Young who was distantly ensconced as leader of the House of Lords and so in no sense a rival”.

So please do not fall for this particular piece of Thatcher propaganda.

Saying that Margaret Thatcher was good for women is like saying Genghis Khan was good for equestrian sports.


The BBC seem to have searched out the most rabid Thatcherites, well maybe not the most rabid, as I didn’t see Tony Blair on there singing her praises.

I’m joking, of course Tony Blair was there.

These war criminals tend to stick together.

So R.I.P. Margaret Thatcher remembered fondly by her friends.




Thatch savile

But somehow I don’t think the story will end here.

How long after Jimmy Savile’s death was it until the truth about the abuse came out?

Savile had his supporters at the BBC, and a big funeral parade thru Leeds.

I wonder how those people feel now?

Especially the ones who knew the truth but decided to play along with the lies.

There must be plenty of people doing that with Thatcher.

They know the truth but don’t want to threaten their own positions by letting it come out.

Hear no

While twitter was awash with Thatcher jokes and comments, a fair few so called satirists and topical comedians were very noticeable by their absence.

People who normally are tweeting constantly, suddenly fell silent.

Were they all just having a wee day off?

Or were they too fucking afraid to voice an opinion in case it got them into trouble?

Perhaps they didn’t want to say anything in case it affected their chances of getting on Mock The Weak, or even that political leg up Have I Got News For You.

That famous public relations coup for Boris Johnson.


These are the very shows that should be attacking politicians, but are now used by these very same politicians to boost their popularity in the eyes of a gullible public.

The Spitting Image Puppets must be spinning in their storage boxes.

Thatch spit

Satire should not have this cosy relationship with it’s targets, satire should be spiteful.

Satire should reduce its victims to tears, not give them PR opportunities.

For me the greatest example of how satire should be is Steve Bell in the Guardian.

Here is what he came up with for Thatcher.

Steve Bell 09.03.2013

This under representation of anti Thatcher views on TV does seem to highlight a bigger problem, the under representation of the working class on BBC TV.

The BBC seems to despise the working class.

Just look at the way it portrays them.

For a long time I have said of brilliant Geordie comedian Gavin Webster, that if instead of being working class, he was a middle class, Oxbridge type who performed Gav Webster as a character, by now he would have his own TV show on the BBC.

The prosecution calls LEE NELSON.

Lee Nelson is of course written and performed by Simon Brodkin, a nice middle class boy, and a trained doctor.


The prosecution calls Vicky Pollard.

Again performed by a nice middle class boy Matt Lucas.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I put it to you that the representation of the working class on the BBC is often by well-educated, middle class people playing stupid working class characters.

This is the modern day equivalent of blacking up.

Blacking up

Just like in the Black and White Minstrel Shows, (made by the BBC), but instead of blacking up we now have CHAVING UP.

Here is how Wikipedia describes Minstrel shows;

“Minstrel shows lampooned black people as dim-witted, lazy, buffoonish, superstitious, happy-go-lucky”.

Change the word black to “working class” and tell me that does not fit exactly what the BBC pay Lee Nelson and his ilk to do.

Don’t even get me started on Citizen Khan, and Mrs. Brown’s Boys!

B and W

The final word of this blog must of course go to Mrs. Thatcher.

Many people have said to me that it does seem a little bit horrible and unfeeling to celebrate the death of an old woman.

But just like with Nazi War Criminals, the fact that they managed to get away with their crimes for a long time does not mean that they should be forgiven.


Never forgive, never forget.




Gavin Webster has a website: http://www.gavinwebster.co.uk


  1. Karl Shore

    Great blog Martin. The first time I heard “tramp the dirt down” by Elvis Costello I remember thinking “by the time she actually dies they will have rewritten history” and so it is. This communal lapse of memory makes me feel sick to my stomache. Where the fuck are the comics and social commentators with the spirit to rise above the fauning masses to condem her acts as loathesome and brutal? Fuck her and thank you,

  2. Mandy Donnelly

    I never really gave a thought about the people who play Lee Nelson and Vicki Pollard before – maybe because I can’t abide either character.
    But thanks Martin, for ‘opening my eyes’ so to speak. You are spot on -as is everything else in this article.
    It was very well said and well worth reading. Thank you.

  3. eacstais

    I’m Irish so obviously agree with the most of this.Tip of the hat for that pun, if it was a pun, on the spelling of ‘Mock the Weak’, very apt for herself! I see your point regarding the TV shows featuring largely working class, but is it not the case that it’s mainly working class that enjoy these shows? You didn’t go any further with your highlight of ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’, just wondering your thoughts on it, is it that you believe the creator is from a middle class background, I don’t believe he is, but I can be corrected on this, or is do you believe it’s just a plain attack on the Irish?

  4. Poon Chief

    It’s just your view. Here’s mine…

    She dragged Britain into the 21st Century. When change happens it can’t be a positive experience for everyone, some just ride the curve faster than others, refocus and crack on with life.

    Remove the emotion from your arguement and take a more pragmatic view. Check the start and finish points of her tenure as Prime Minister. She left us in a better state than when she started. Long Term her Inputs will be forgotten, time will ensure the healing of any wounds left behind. Ultimately only the Output counts in the end…

    I’m to young to remember her as PM, hence my non-emotive view even though I live in the area and have lots of family affected by the mass Pit Closures…

    For what it’s worth, I enjoyed reading your thoughts

    • Karl SHore

      When she came in to power 1 child in 7 were brought up below the poverty line. When she left it was 1 in 3. To quote a recent blog response I just read “Ultimately only the Output counts in the end….”

  5. Rand Bourne

    Brilliant post. Absolutely spot on regarding the crass portrayal of the working class by many in the comedy fraternity. The truth is class warfare never went away it just became a one way war – with the rich robbing what little the poor had and then laughing at them. Thatcher is the architect of a system that means we now live in a country where a working class kid can be put in jail for looting a bottle of water when the perpetrators of the financial crash sit in their gentleman’s clubs counting their latest bonus.

  6. Mark Dunne

    Loved every word and picture, this will only upset the usual greedy lickspittles

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  8. Jim

    I see the author of one of the previous comments has used one simple four letter word. They should have read your previous blog and used that word instead, for thatcher was indeed a cunt. And not just any old cunt, she was the cunt who took my Milk Monitors job from me when I was 7 years old. She was also the cunt who placed a whole region on a blacklist so that nobody with even the slightest hint of a scouse accent would be getting a job, no matter how hard they tried. She ruthlessly used the Police to wage her personal war on the unions and in one of the swiftest U turns in political history, shelved plans for stripping the Falkland Islanders of their British passports in order to wage a war she knew would win her the next election, and by a landslide. Last but not least is the Hillsborough cover up, nobody will ever convince me that thatcher knew nothing about it as a cover up on such a huge scale could not possibly have been accomplished without her knowledge or permission. I have despised thatcher for most of my life and only one thing concerns me now the bitch is dead. How big a dance floor will we need on her grave?
    Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead and good fucking riddance.

  9. Paul M

    Great stuff .A very necessary antidote to utter gush we’re currently being subjected to by the “balanced” mainstream media.Your article and many like it are very worthwhile to give the post-Thatcher generation the inspiration to look back and ask questions about what really happened during this monsters time in power.Thank you.

  10. Donnacha DeLong

    One small correction, Mother Brown’s Boys is an import, bought from RTÉ in Ireland who should fucking know better. That said, Brendan O’Carroll, for all his sins, is about as solidly working class as it’s possible to be (one of 11 kids, born in working class Finglas, left school at 12…).

  11. Sven

    Could you not maybe have linked her to The Spanish Inquisition, too? Or the witch trials? Or The Crusades?

    Maybe a photo of her shaking Bert’s hand?

  12. colin barnard

    A superb spot on piece, The way the BBC are fawning over her is disgusting, those who remember her from that era know the truth and it will all come out soon,

  13. John

    “Margot Thatcher let the world know that women are very capable of leading” WTF?

    Feminists, largely wished the roles and capabilities of women to be recognised on an equal footing for what they were. On the other hand Mrs T made her way to the top by behaving more like a man than anyone else in her party – driven by greed and power, lacking any sort of compassion no matter who got trampled into the dust. That culture of greed is self-evident today in the removal of benefits from the most vulnerable and the successive campaigns to paint everyone on benefits as a Scrounger or worse. Hitler would have been proud of this success in portraying them as some sort of underclass not worthy of a place in Society
    Oil revenues from the North Sea boom years were squandered to fund unemployment, rather than making a rational transition from industries where Britain was no longer competitive through re-training and re-skilling our workforce. She chose to plunder the public purse through killing off, coal, steel, shipbuilding and manufacturing and by selling everything else (Telecoms, Gas, Water, Electricity, Railways). The Tories now point to these profitable industries because of the private investment in them! That investment is funded from their paying customers (those who used to own the industry) and the profits go into the pockets of Fat cats who finance the Tories. Nuff Said!
    Mrs T, Burn in Hell.

  14. funnyfarmhazel

    Well said Martin. I think the working class apologists are a bit like old “Basildon man “- they mainly got their 30 pieces of silver as promised, but they will never really be counted as part of what they’ve aspired to. That’s why when the Tories gloat that she won 3 elections, well actually the Falklands War won one for her, and by the other two she’d managed to divide and rule by destroying the chance of work in some areas to such an extent that people would sell out their neighbours and co-workers.

  15. stuwho

    Superbly written, Martin, and a concise and accurate view of such a divisive topic.

    To those who stupidly disagree with you, and have the temerity to post their inane and vacuous comments on this page… get fukked ya moronic bawbags, and keep your ignorance under a rock where it belongs

  16. John

    When Thatcher was alive she looked down at the miners. Now that she’s dead, she will have to look up to them …. from Hell!

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